SARE SOLUTIONS Inc. educates the public about the difference between animal rights and animal welfare. We support animal welfare. We are a coalition of animal use enterprises and business owners who use ethical strategies to expose the radical animal rights groups' agenda. We are a member–based organization formed to counter -- through public exposure -- animal rights extremism/terrorism in media, legislation, and education, both nationally and globally.



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SARE SOLUTIONS Inc. is an independent, nonpartisan organization. We are not affiliated with any candidate or political


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Stop Animal Rights Extremists 

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Two Companies, One Mission!

We educate the public and media about the differences between animal rights and animal welfare.  We support animal welfare.

SARE SOLUTIONSis a member–based organization formed to counter -- through public exposure -- animal rights extremism/terrorism  utilizing a comprehensive media strategy.

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As Americans operating within the law, we are afforded the freedom to choose what services and products we use.

SARE SOLUTIONS is a coalition of animal enterprises and business owners who use ethical strategies to expose the radical animal rights agenda.

A Letter From Our Founder

We need to keep the future of the animal usage industries (AUI's) alive and strong.  SARE SOLUTIONS, Inc. www.saresolutions.com is very concerned about the direction the AUI's are taking. Partnering with animal rights groups (ARG) is a formula for disaster. While we don't pretend to be experts in all AUI's and agriculture industries (AI's), SARE SOLUTIONS are experts in the animal rights movement and the effects it has on ALL animal usage industries.

No entity in the world is opposing AUI"s except the radical animal rights groups, HSUS, PETA, ASPCA, and fringe animal rights groups (ARG) such as Horse Racing Wrongs, DXE, In Defense of Animals and several hundred others. All of the ARGs are in bed with each other.

The AI's have fallen into the trap set by the ARGs and have no idea they're in it. The AI's are responding to false allegations and emotional exaggerations made by the ARGs. Any allegations about the AUI's that may need improvement, don't need radical ARGs suggestions as they are not the experts. The animal usage industries authorities are the experts! The AI's are caught in the animal rights trap of arguing a false narrative that acts as a distraction while ARG's work towards their final agenda of shutting down all AUI's. Look what happened to the ban on Greyhound racing in the State of Florida in 2019 that led to the demise of the industry, and the destruction of the fur industry, as examples.

Changing crops/whips, banning Lasix in the horse racing industry, changing euthanasia practices, and adding government control, etc. are examples of playing into ARG's hands. Animal Rights Organizations don’t care about animals, “PETA Kills Animals”. What would happen to the animals if AUI's were shut down. The agriculture industry is attempting to appease and negotiate with ARGs which acts as an admission of guilt, and will not and does not work.

The animal rights organizations are about changing society’s views and forcing the public to adhere to their ideology. Animal usage industries need to align with SARE SOLUTIONS and stop animal rights extremists. Let’s take an offensive position to discredit and expose animal rights organization’s false narrative to the public and collate with other animal usage industries to offer strength, and message positive attributes of AUI's to the Public. We need to change public opinion locally and globally.

When SARE SOLUTIONS manages the Public Relations for your business and industry regarding radical animal rights controversy, we take responsibility for securing you companies anonymity, providing safety for all animal usage industries.

Thank you for your time,


Gregg Schumacher
Founder, CEO, SARE SOLUTIONS, Inc. a 501 C- (4)
Stop Animal Rights Extremists, Inc. a 501- C (3)

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