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While there are hundreds of animal rights organizations, there is an incestuous relationship between them. And although they profess to have differences that set them apart, they are in bed with each other. The large number of organizations touted is supposed to make people think that there are so many people out there desperate over the plight of animals being molested, tortured, and abused by humans that they ‘just had to’ start an organization of their own.

If you study the ideology of animal rights, you discover that the bottom line is ‘no human use of animals, whatsoever.’ Yes, there are minor differences between the groups, but, for the most part, those differences are like splitting hairs – whatever way you get there, the objective is to have no human/animal interaction, unless it is the animal eating the human.

As to the statement ‘. . . they are in bed with each other’, their personnel go back and forth between organizations to fill gaps or share tactics and strategies, and they support each other financially when needed. The financial and personnel support extends even to terrorists and terrorist organizations like the Animal Liberation Front and even to arsonists and terrorists like Rodney Coronado.

In 1995, Coronado was convicted and sentenced to 57 months in prison in connection with the February 28,1992 arson attack on research facilities at Michigan State University (MSU). As a result, Animal Enterprise Protection Act (revised in 2006 to Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act), enacted largely in response to the MSU attacks, was the first legislation adding sabotage as a defined activity of eco-terrorism.

Yet the public is being fed ads and direct mail requests asking for funds to protect needy animals. These stories tug on the heartstrings and open pocket books. It is too bad that they are using lies and manipulation to swindle animal-loving people. And it is even sadder that they are causing great economic damage to thousands of small businesses across the country and the world, while all the time saying they are doing it for love – of animals (animals that often die for the animal rights cause).


SARE wants to change this. We want money that is raised, ostensibly to help animals, to actually benefit those animals. We want to educate the public on the wrongs of animal rights, so they will quit giving their money to the groups that are disingenuous at best, vicious at worst – and destructive always.

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