SARE Solutions educates the public about the difference between animal rights and animal welfare. We support animal welfare. We are a coalition of animal use enterprises and business owners who use ethical strategies to expose the radical animal rights groups' agenda. We are a member–based organization formed to counter -- through public exposure -- animal rights extremism/terrorism in media, legislation, and education, both nationally and globally.



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Animal rights wants dramatic social changes for humans and non-humans alike. To achieve these dramatic social changes, PeTA resorts to brainwashing our children. Dan Matthews, Senior Vice-President of PeTA, says, “our campaigns are always geared towards children and they always will be.”


Animal rights is using a fight for rights for animal to attack humans and western culture.


Animal rights organizations use lies, intimidation, harassment, bullying, false allegations, fake news, staged audio and video footage, and even terrorism to achieve their goals of no human use of animals whatsoever.


Animal rights activists prey on society’s emotions by distorting or manufacturing false facts and science to support their agenda and radical views.

Animal rights organizations are not about helping animals.  They exploit animals for two reasons: the first is to attack and attempt to dehumanize humans to the public, while the second is making money.


The three largest animal rights organizations are HSUS, PeTA, and ASPCA; and there are also hundreds of fringe animal rights organizations. Of the approximately $500 million annual revenue, about $410 million is raised the three main organizations.


Animal rights groups are revenue generating organizations that use a small portion of their funding to care for animals; for example, the HSUS used one half of one percent  to care for animals.  Most of their revenue stream goes to executive salaries, pensions, fund-raising, and legal fees.