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SARE SOLUTIONS Is dedicated to educating the end consumer about all animal enterprise industries. We highlight the difference between animal rights and animal welfare.


Animal Rights means that animals are not ours to use for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation, or even pet ownership.  


Animal Rights are against all animal use -- even to save lives. It seeks to ban all animal ownership or use. Animal rights organizations use lies, intimidation, harassment, bullying, false allegations, fake news, staged audio and video, and even terrorism to achieve their goals of no human use of animals whatsoever.

Our objective is to unite these industries by building a coalition that targets the radical agendas and extremist actions perpetuated by animal rights groups.  

We counter these groups utilizing comprehensive media strategies, which expose their hostile tactics and fact-checks their false narratives.

Our organization is made up of industries, small business owners, and animal owners who have been adversely affected by animal rights extremists.

Animal Welfare is the relationship that humans have with animals and the obligation they have to care for these animals, to make sure that the animals are treated responsibly. Without animal welfare there would be no wildlife management, veterinarian medicine, or captive breeding of endangered species. The humane use of animals is both natural and acceptable.  ​

As a result of animal rights groups’ shameful and often illicit tactics, along with their intimidation and bullying, have inflicted significant economic damage to animal use enterprise industries on a national and global level.

We, who are part of animal use industries, are all affected by the misinformation and terrorist attacks waged by these extremist animal rights groups. 

Together we must stand up and fight back.  We must take the offensive against these extremist organizations and counter their false narrative on a national and global platform. No individual industry, acting alone, can stop the animal rights movement.​

Our goal is to stop animal rights extremists who are targeting the following industries: agriculture, sheep/wool, angora, silk, fur, down, leather, fishing, trapping, hunting, medical research, pharmaceutical, pet ownership, dog racing, zoos, circuses, aquariums, entertainment using animals, equestrian, horse carriages, rodeos, cattle, horse racing, poultry, pork, dairy, beekeeping, restaurants, service dogs, financial institutions, airlines, and many more.

We support the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) a United States Federal Law.

(Pub.L109-374; 18U.S.C.43) that prohibits any person from engaging in certain conduct “for the purpose of damaging or interfering with the operations of an animal enterprise.”  We will work with local, state and federal governments to ensure this act is enforced.

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