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Gregg Schumacher is an entrepreneur, leader and business advocate from Portland, Oregon with over 40 years’ experience owning and managing corporations. He is the owner and president of Schumacher Furs, “the oldest fur company in America,” established in 1895. Gregg has a Bachelor of Arts in business administration, marketing, and psychology from Oregon State University and Portland State University. He has extensive experience in retail and product design, manufacturing, wholesaling, and distribution. Gregg has a robust acumen for business and marketing strategies and has created successful national and international partnerships with his outgoing and transparent character. He has a passion for supporting animal welfare, the U.S. Constitution and Americans’ freedom to choose the services and products we use.

  • Founder and CEO of Schumacher Furs USA, Inc., known for designing and manufacturing the finest mink coats, with distribution to hundreds of high-end women’s boutiques, department chains and luxury outerwear stores globally. Gregg produced and marketed the coveted Ultra Lite Mink Collection™, the lightest-weight mink coat in the world.

  • Owner and president of Schumacher Furs and Outerwear, Inc., an icon of downtown Portland for over 120 years, which endured the most aggressive terroristic protests of any animal-usage business worldwide.

  • Founder and President of SARE Solutions, Inc., a 501(c)(4), that counters extremist groups on behalf of businesses and industries.

  • Founder and President of Stop Animal Rights Extremists, Inc., a 501(c)(3), which fights terrorist groups and the radical animal rights movement internationally.

  • Founder and CEO of KIDKIT, Inc., manufacturing and distribution of products that aid in finding missing children.

  • Founder of Restore Law and Order, which holds government officials accountable for lawlessness and abandoning the laws of the U.S. Constitution, on behalf of businesses and industries.

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Gregg Schumacher 

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